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CLINIC OPENS again  January 2 2013

Pray for God's provision and protection with all of these diseases.

1. We have 10 workers working with us.  We pay them about $150 a month.  Will you consider being a partner with one of our workers to help us pay them.  We still of 3 that need full support. We cannot do this with out them.  Pray about sponsoring a clinic worker.

2.  The mobile clinic is going to be  moving around to help out with various churches in our province.  We want to assist local churches with their evangelistic outreaches.   Pray we find the right partners and we see many people get saved and discipled and into locat churches.  We want to see  100 people presently not faithful at Church get saved and get discipled and into a local church.  PRAY we can see this in 2013. 

3.    Medicine  cost are going up.   A  gift of $1200 pays the bills for 1 week.  Can you help buy a week at the clinic?  Please pray.


IF you can help  contact us at   wsmith@abwe.cc or  Clinic direct giving link

Send funds to


PO BOX  8585 Harrisburg, PA 17105-8585

account 112863-020