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 Thank you for having a big part in what God is doing in Papua New Guinea

 Ways to Give

  • Send a check to ABWE , PO BOX 8585, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8585
  • Go online to  www.abwe.org    home page and  fill in the information under title to give or click on the direct link and it will fill it in for you for giving through debit or credit cards.  If you have questions please write us at wsmith@abwe.cc
  • Account information

    Bill and Lori Smith personal support account   0112863-001 or Support direct link

    Bill and Lori Smith personal gift account 0112863-102 or Personal gift direct link

    Church planting account-help local church projects    account 00112863-006 or  Church planting direct link

    Medical Clinic  account   0112863-020 or Medical clinic direct link

    GOROKA BAPTIST BIBLE COLLEGE EXPANSION PROJECT  account 0774413 or GBBC expansion direct support link

    The Story of Hope Flashcard Translation project   account   0112863-025 or Story of Hope Flashcard direct link

    ABTS PNG (PNG seminary program- Master's degree program)-  account 0774503 or ABTS PNG direct link

    Goroka Baptist Bible College support account  0774403-001 or GBBC direct link

    Goroka Baptist Bible College  scholarship account  0774403-003 or GBBC scholarship direct link

    Youth Camp Fund   ACCOUNT  0774013-011  or YOUTH CAMP direct link